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Block 17 - Portland, OR

IP Access Control 


 Block 17 apartments required a level of technology and sophistication not yet seen in their area.  In order to accomplish this, TPS Technologies utilized our cutting edge bio-metric technology as well as touch screen visitor entry systems.  The touch screen visitor entry system is the first of its kind in the United States.  The touch screen interface allows for a user friendly experience with one touch links to area maps, transit information, weather and sales center communication.  This interface allows the resident to grant access to the building and elevators through their cell phone.


27 Total Controlled Entries

     4 - Elevators (BioMetric - Key Fob Access)

    22 - Doors (BioMetric - Key Fob Access)

     1 - Parking Entry (RF Access)

IP Sureveilance


TPS Technologies deployed a system of 6 megapixel cameras throughout the property to record hi-definition surveillance images of the exterior, elevators, rooftop terrace and many other secured areas within the property.  All cameras are decentralized, meaning they do not require costly NVR systems to store video.  Each camera is hemisperic, 360 degree viewing angle, ensuring all areas are fully covered with minimal costs.  Pan and zoom functions are available on recorded video, giving the property the ability to zoom in on a subject after the fact, cutting down management costs of the system.


36 Total IP Cameras

     4 - Elevators

     22 - Exterior

     10 - Interior

Audio Video - Digital Signage


In order to fulfill the demands of todays modern urbanite, Block 17 required something special when it came to the AV.  With the help of the interior designer, we were able to provide that element throughout the property.  Three main common areas each brought their own needs and challenges.  The focal point of the audio video design is the 2 x 2 video wall in the Lobby Commons.



1 - 2x2 Clarity Matrix Video Wall

4 - Zones of audio

16 - In ceiling speakers

2 - In wall Touch screen controllers


Clubhouse - Terrace 

2 - 70" Display

1 - 55" Outdoor Monitor

2 - Zones of Audio

14 - In cileing speakers

1 - In wall controller


Fitness Center

2- 65" Displays

10 - In ceiling Speakers

1 - In wall Touch screen Controller


Mail Rooms

1 - 65" Digital Signage Display (Low Rise)

1 - 46" Digital Signage Display (High Rise)



4 - 17" Digital Signage Displays (One In Each Car)

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