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Troubleshooting FAQ

  • Apartment Lock - Jump Start Door Lock/Dead Battery

If the door lock is unresponsive in that the light does not come on or does not beep when a credential is presented, follow the following link to learn how to jumpstart the lock in order to gain access to the unit to change the batteries.

Indication that the battery may be running low:

When you present your badge or fob to the Control (BE467 or FE410) lock, you get multiple Red LED's, then Green LED, then the door opens.

This sequence is letting you know you have low battery on your lock.

Please change out the 4 AA batteries.

They must be Alkaline batteries.

You will need the following:

1 - High quality brand new 9V battery

4 - AA Batteries

Phillips Screw Driver

  • Apartment Lock - Factory Reset

If you are unable to program a key fob or a previously programmed key fob is not working, it may be necessary to factory reset the lock.  You will first need to delete the lock from the engage software.  Follow the steps provided at the link below to factory reset, then readd the lock to the software.  Additionally, you will have to re-add any keys to the lock and sync the lock with the engage app.

You will need the following:

Phillips Screw Driver

How to Factory Default Reset (FDR) Schlage Control Locks, FE410 and BE467. (

How to Recommission a Control in the Engage App - YouTube

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