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Dimension - Seattle, WA

Introducing Dimension — Seattle’s newest luxury apartment rental community, located within blocks of all downtown employers, conveniences, transit, and nightlife. Thoughtfully designed with inspired European style interiors and stunning views, Dimension’s location is in central proximity for quick and easy access to everything that Seattle has to offer. Dimension also features the Ground Floor Project — an entirely new concept that aims to connect residents, the community, the arts, and more.


TPS Technologies degined, engineered, and installed state of the art low voltage systems through out this property.  This building is the first of its kind not only in the Pacific Northwest, but the country.


IP Access Control 

TPS Technologies unitilized cutting edge bio-metric technology to control access to the building, individual elevator floors, and secured areas with in the building.  We took this technology and added a visitor entry component, this has never been done with the biomentric technology.  The resident has the ability (through the tele-entry system) to not only unlock the front door but also the elevator floor in which they live, allowing seamless visitor entry to the building. 


IP Surveillance

TPS Technologies deployed a system of 5 megapixel cameras through out the property to record hi-definition sureveillance images of the exterior, elevators, roof top viewdeck and many other secured areas with in the property.


Digital Signage

Within the elevators we utilized 15" LED displays along with a digital signage player to display live video, weather, news, and customizable video messages to the residents from the building staff.  This allows for a more efficient way for the building management staff to notify the residents of upcoming events, area closures, etc... in an effective and elegant manner.

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